Apex Legends Mobile Review

Apex Legends Mobile App is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Titanfall and Star Wars: Battlefront. It features the same gameplay as the console version of the game, with the same character roster of heroes and villains, including Apex Legends‘ own Tracer.

I love the new Apex Legends mobile app as it offers a more immersive experience, particularly on my Android phone. This review will give you a detailed look at the new mobile app called “Apex Legends Mobile” that is on the market right now and was created by EA Games, the company behind “Fortnite.”

The Overview of Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile, the newest battle royale game developed by EA, is now available on Android and iOS devices. Set in the universe of EA’s highly popular Apex Legends game, players parachute onto a massive map that constantly evolves in size and shape as they fight for survival.

Players can choose to play solo, duo or squad. Each player is given a unique battle royale themed character, weapons, gear and abilities. Apex Legends Mobile features a wide range of customizations. Players can customize their avatars, unlock skins, change their in-game sounds, and more.

How to Play Apex Legends Mobile

How to Play Apex Legends Mobile? Apex Legends mobile is the newest game from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. You can download this game on Android or iOS devices.

This is an action-packed battle royale game that puts players in control of an elite squad of mutants. You play as one of six characters. Each character has their own unique abilities, weapons, and gear. There are over 40 characters in the game.

You can choose to play solo or team up with other players. Each player is given a starting weapon and armor. You can upgrade your character’s weapons and armor throughout the match. You can also buy items from the shop.

You can use the money you earn from playing the game to buy items. You can also earn currency by completing challenges and missions. You can use this currency to buy items.

Features of Apex Legends Mobile

Features of Apex Legends Mobile include the following:

  • Play the free-to-play battle royale game from top developers Nexon and Respawn Entertainment, with hundreds of hours of fresh content every week
  • Battle in real-time and on mobile using the same intuitive controls as console or PC players
  • Customize your Legend with unique abilities, cosmetic skins, and more
  • Play solo or join up to three friends in matches that are always free to play, but offer additional rewards for playing together
  • Earn rewards to level up your Legend, build powerful items and use in battle, unlock new characters, and more

How Does It Compare To Other Battle Royale Games?

To say that Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game would be a bit of an understatement. There is something for everyone in Apex Legends Mobile, whether you’re looking for a competitive shooter or a free to play battle royale.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that there are a lot of similarities between the mobile version of Apex Legends and its console counterpart. Both games have two modes of play, solo or duo, and a number of characters.

What’s more, both games have a map that is procedurally generated and both require you to collect resources, defend a point and build up your own base. But that doesn’t mean you can simply port over your favorite hero from the PC to the mobile version. It takes some research into

Pros and Cons

Apex Legends Mobile offers a solid gameplay experience, but it doesn’t quite compare to what is currently available in the game market.

Despite Apex Legends Mobile having a low user-base, players who are using the mobile version of the game can get access to all the content that exists on the PC and console versions of the game.

The difference is that while Apex Legends Mobile does offer the same gameplay as the console version, it does not feature the in-game monetization system that is present on the PC and console versions. This means that players can’t earn in-game currency through the mobile version, which makes the mobile version a bit more expensive.

Mobile games often feel rushed and disjointed because developers often don’t have the time to fully develop an experience. This game, however, had the luxury of extra development time.

For Apex Legends, it was all about what players wanted from the game. The original plan was to give players their choice of character and then let them play, but this turned into one of the biggest decisions in the game’s development.

What We Liked

As gamers ourselves, we found it easy to transition into the world of battle royale shooters. We liked that you have the option of choosing your character class (from all eight currently available) before you start playing the game.

You can choose a specific character class, or if you like you can play with whichever one you’re comfortable with. For example, you could be a Soldier class character like a tank, or a Marksman like a sniper. This also allows us to enjoy the game at our own pace, whether it’s taking on a quick match of five minutes or 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have available.

The new Apex Legends mobile experience is simple. You get to choose your character and level up. You can choose to play solo or invite a friend to play with you. There are no objectives to complete other than gaining XP. The battle royale mode works just like Fortnite and PUBG, and it is the easiest battle royale game available for mobile.

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What We Didn’t Like

While there’s no denying the popularity of Apex Legends mobile, it doesn’t always come without drawbacks. As it stands, the mobile version of Apex Legends is the least accessible and most frustrating version of the game currently available.

This isn’t just because it’s hard to play on your phone. There are several issues that have made the mobile version of Apex Legends incredibly difficult to play. The mobile version of the game is a lot harder to play than the console and PC versions of the game.

In terms of overall experience, there are several things we didn’t like about the mobile version of Apex Legends. There isn’t really a way to customize your character, unlike other Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile. Also, there aren’t any player ranks that are tracked. So, while you can compare yourself to others in your region, there’s no way to see who’s at the top of your local rankings.


Apex Legends is a must-have game for all mobile gamers. The combat system has been refined to the max, and each character feels incredibly fun to play with. There are no real grinds, and the game is very accessible to new players.

This is one of the most polished mobile games that I’ve ever played, and if you’re looking for something fun to play while you’re waiting for the console version of Fortnite to arrive, Apex Legends is definitely worth checking out.


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